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The This Is My Joystick (TIMJ) press room site contains our corporate and professional news, press information and our contact details. Anyone interested in working closely with TIMJ please get in contact. If you’re looking for the latest gaming editorials you need to go here buddy.

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Please note that at this moment in time, we are still very much a volunteer site. While there are benefits to both sides of our staff set-ups, these positions are ultimately unpaid.

Are you a talented writer, full of opinion and enjoy debating industry subjects? Do you enjoy blending your own thoughts and personality into your work?

Then you might be in luck; our award winning site is looking for a number of volunteers to come on board and join our writing team, to help bolster and increase our output.

Ideally, those interested will have prior experience in working with blogs and independent sites, and have solid writing and grammatical skills. Experience with WordPress is also a plus.

Interested parties will be required to contribute at least one article per week/fortnight, be it a review, opinion editorial or other feature.

Although we don’t currently pay, there are definite perks to be had in joining us, including press attendance at major industry events (particularly in the UK) and the chance to take on reviews.

Worth more than that, is the fact that with us, a lot of our writers have developed and gained the experience they required to have freelance work appear on publications such as IGN, GamesTM, GameRanx, and Games.on.Net.

If you’re interested, please feel free to email or for more information. Supplying samples up front will speed up the process somewhat!


As well as dealing with our core staff members over the years, we found that were also getting a number of requests from writers from many walks of life, be it professional, amateur, or those from sites in similar situations to ourselves, all looking to offer guest pieces.

We decided that rather than turning these people away as we had been doing, we should be using that enthusiasm as a chance to create a pool of contributors to help maximise the variety and quality of our content.

If you’re already professional journalist we can offer you:


If you are an amateur writer we can offer you:


If you are from another independent site, we can offer you:


Whatever your situation, you can contribute as often or as little as you like, without the constant nagging that our core staff team receives.

If you are interested in contributing with us and want to be considered or would simply like more details, then please feel free to get in contact.