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Press Room

The This Is My Joystick (TIMJ) press room site contains our corporate and professional news, press information and our contact details. Anyone interested in working closely with TIMJ please get in contact. If you’re looking for the latest gaming editorials you need to go here buddy.

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Advertise with us?

At This Is My Joystick, we have ethics when it comes to featuring advertisements on our website. We have high standards in this regard and want to make sure that we only feature adverts for products that are related directly to our readership. You’ll find no cheap Google ads, no banners for dodgy online casinos or gambling, and we certainly won’t be trying to sell any viagra to our readers here, and if that’s what you’re pushing, please look elsewhere.

If you’re from a company that has relevance to the games industry or at least to our target market, then you may, however, have an interest in one of the advertisement spots situated on our home page.

They are priced as such:

For these prices, we will also throw in some free adverts on rotation in our forums, and mention your product or service on our podcasts when they eventually relaunch.

If you wish to talk or negotiate about this further, then please feel free to get in contact.